Street, Race, Offroad. Vehicle Preparation and Tuning.

Custom Fabrication

Our favorite thing to do is to build unusual things and work on unique projects. From custom cage work to engine swaps and turbo conversions, to whatever your imagination, and ours, can come up with.


We've made parts for boats, cars, trucks, vans, airplanes, motorcycles, bicycles, tattoo machines, firearms, and many other things. Life is too short to be bored with the same old thing.

Equipment and Tools

Our shop has a two-axis CNC Bridgeport mill, and Rockwell lathe, a CNC plasma cutting table and 55 amp plasma cutter, MIG welders, TIG welders, oxy-acetylene welders, hydraulic tubing bender, sheet bead rolling equipment, tube retention bead rolling equipment, a hydraulic press, and lots more.


The days of Davesport LLC being a full-time gig are past. Dave has taken up a new career path that fits with his family's needs better. He still builds things in the shop part-time however. Wait times for jobs are typically longer than when it was a full-time shop.

Past Projects

1966 AWD VW Bug Rally Car

This is kind of where it all started.


Here is a gallery of some of the cage work we've done over the years.


A smattering of engine and gearbox project photos

Custom Fabrication

Creating cool, useful things from raw materials is almost magical.